All Advantages of the CULLYGRAT®
-Deburring Process at a Glance

The process is simple and reliable.
The quality of the treated parts is improved.
The treating of standard parts is possible
Parts with extremely delicate surfaces are not damaged.
An exactly defined constant removing rate is reproducible with every following charge.

Delicate workpieces that are easily bent are not exposed to mechanical stress and can be treated irrespective of their structure and size. Inner burrs (e.g. angle bores) which are extremely difficult to remove and which cannot be treated at all in a conventional process or only with considerable manual expenditure or by means of explosion deburring on individual parts, are deburred in the CULLYGRAT® process in a great number of pieces in one operation run and without any bending.

After the treatment the surface of the workpieces is metallically clean. A subsequent galvanic treatment will therefore not pose any problem. The surface is smoothed
up to a remaining depth of roughness of 0,1 µm.

No hydrogen embrittlement will occur during the treatment, neither on hardened nor on unhardened pieces. The solution is not perishable. Just the concentration has to be topped up from time to time. Due to the simple disposal of the waste water the environment will not be polluted. Approx. 16% are required for the disposal in the combustion area.

Provide governments, environmental agencies stringent requirements for the management and follow as strict, have gladly granted permission to use CULLYGRAT ®.

Skilled staff is not necessary for the operation of the plant.
Staff and production costs are saved compared with
conventional deburring techniques.

The plant never has to be switched off.
  CULLYGRAT® for all
carbon steel
also zinc alloy

stainless steell
(up to 18% Cr / less than 1% Ni)
für Legierungen
(up to 14% Ni and up to 1% Cr)

brass, copper
und bronze
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