CULLYGRAT® – process fills a gap in the market and
represents chemical deburring in perfection.
  People have always tried
chemical deburring, however
the results were never
sufficiently suitable to prove
economic or sensible for
industrial purposes.

The reasons are the

The efficiency was missing,
and an enormous amount
of creep builds up which has
to be cut off at considerable
costs. Apart from this the
complete chemical material
has to be disposed of, and
new material has to be filled
in. For this refilling process
the complete plant has to
be brought to a standstill
which is by no means an
economic way of operation.
  This does not happen with the CULLYGRAT® process, and apart from that a further advantage is that colour changes on weld seams will also be removed.

The surprisingly constant for constant concentration of CULLYGRAT ® , with enormous strain has been confirmed by an international working institution. For 12 years we shall have the perfection of CULLYGRAT ® to the test. 

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